Stress and tension

In today’s society there are many forms of stress. When we expose ourselves to physical, chemical, mental or emotional stress it triggers a hardwired part of our brain which produces the stress response. This results in tension, particularly around the spine and in the muscular systems. Our organs go into stress mode and we experience mentally and emotionally discomfort.  When the stress is ongoing or beyond our capacity to process, tension gets stored. We can develop many layers of tension which can mean that our body and mind can get stuck in defensive ‘stress mode’ and our body can get to a point where it can’t absorb any more. This is when pain and other symptoms arise, our organs start to dysfunction and we develop stress as a part of our personality.   


How Network Care works

Network care teaches your body how to self-correct, release and integrate tension. Network Care targets the areas of the nervous system which dictate the way in which the body and mind function. Through specific, fined tuned, gentle contacts the brain is engaged to connect to and release stored tension and stress. Once the nervous system and body are relaxed your amazing ability to heal is activated. Symptoms that are associated with stored tension and stress start to dissolve, energy is freed and a zest for life maybe re-established.